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Walmaten Factory Will Be Moving To A New Location

Walmaten Factory Will Be Moving To A New Location

Walmate will be moving to a new location!  We have been growing in recent years and have been looking for a new location.  Just recently, the local municipality had plans for a new metro line to go through our facility.  So with our growth, we’ve decided this would be a good time to move. 

We started moving some equipment in May, and moving things in a manner so as not to disrupt our current production orders.  This includes bonding lines, reflow ovens, and test equipment.  By July, we expect to have the stamping machines, and CNC machines completely moved over, and the move completed.   We’ve also ordered and are installing several new CNC machines. Our new facility will be more than double the room of our old factory being 6000 sq meters (65,000 sq feet), and is only 30Km (18 miles) from our old location.
Although we will miss our old home, we are very excited about our move into our new factory.  We expect the move to continue seamlessly.  However, we apologize for any delay for response times and ask for your patience until the move is completed.
We look forward to having you take a tour of our new facilitlies!