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Thermal/Mechanical Engineer
Position: Thermal/Mechanical Engineer
Job description:
Our company is looking to hire Thermal/Mechanical Engineer, electronic foreign trade work experience is preferred, welcome have the sincerity to apply for jobs.
1, familiar with the whole process of Thermal/Mechanical Engineer, and through the network, and can be independent channels such as develop new products;
2, 3 years above Thermal/Mechanical Engineer experience, have customer resources;
3, have a big customer maintenance experience, mature personality, good at communication;
4, college degree or above, foreign language, international trade, machinery manufacturing, electronics and other related professionals, fluent oral English, can communicate with foreign smoothly;
5, preparation or take part in the exhibition experience, have a passport and a driver's license, are capable of doing wrong time work;
6, have team spirit and compressive capacity, character cheerful, for serious and careful work, a strong sense of responsibility;
7, good negotiation and communication skills, good at discovering the customer requirements, evaluation of customer value, has a good sense of customer service.
Companies to provide part of the old customers to do maintenance and secondary development, guarantee a minimum income;
Can provide flexible salary structure and incentive mechanism; To provide professional business platform, good welfare, free working environment and broad space for development.
Enjoy the national legal holiday; At regular staff training. We sincerely invite a man of insight to create brilliant!
Note: no electronics industry experience, character and personality immature don't vote.
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